Umbrella Initiatives

From People To People


What do we do?

We aim to be the bridge between people willing to help others and people in need. 

If you have pre-loved items that could be useful to others, we will be honoured to channel them to people in need.

Portable Library 

We  bring books to people that are eager readers but can not buy books for themselves.
If you have books to share, please contact us, we will find readers for you. 

Shade for the EIC 

The NISE Early Intervention Centre (EIC) is a special kindergarten for children who are deaf. It was founded by CLaSH Trust, the Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia and is the only specialised kindergarten for deaf children countrywide.  We worked hard, together with other families, to secure the playground and add shade. Also, together with the Kambashu Institute we created a food circle. 

A blender for Side by Side

Thanks to many online supporters we were able to provide Side by Side with a wonderful industrial blender. Thanks to this blender, kids that can not chew properly can be fed with well balanced diets. 

Side by Side cares for kids with special needs from all over the country. 

Sanitary packs for the Pediatric Oncology Unit @ Central Hospital 

During the 2023 Christmas season we fundraised for the Pediatric Oncology Unit at Central Hospital. In collaboration with the International Women Association Namibia (IWAN), the Newbies group (an informal group of parents), and the Club Italiano we are able to secure a sanitary pack for each kid for a full year. Thank you very much to all our anonymous donors!  

Shoes for Athletes 

Your sports gear and shoes donations will be channeled to support underprivileged Namibian athletes in collaboration with the Operi and Sydney Child Foundation and the Wednesday Social Run

Previously loved items to rural communities

In collaboration with the Wilderness Child Support Project, we channel your previously loved items to people in need located in remote areas. 

If you have things to donate but can not find a way to allocate them, we are here for you! 

Second hand market items for Back to School Namibia

If among your donation bags we find clothing items that can be sold at Back to School Namibia second hand markets, we channel these items to them. 

With the funds raised in the second hand markets Back to School Namibia aims to break the barriers that prevent kids in rural areas of Namibia to attend school, such as stationary, shoes, sanitary pads, and glasses.  

Shoes for animals welfare

If you are particularly sensitive to animals welfare, we collaborate with a great project that you could support.
We collect used shoes that are channelled to the Namibian Animal Welfare Association. The shoes are given to people in need that brings their pets for check ups and vaccinations (the treatments are free of charge). 


Contact to get more information on the project